Nancy Wiley Introduces Her Latest Story Book Characters – Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Published June 16, 2012 by happilyeverafterdolls

Nancy Wiley’s newest fairytale character is Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood’s hair is embroidery thread.  Her costume is a sculpted, painted bodice, cotton skirt, sleeves, apron and cape.  All the clothes are painted with acrylic paint to look like they stepped out of the pages of an illustration. The arms are wired so they can be moved and posed.

All work completed by Nancy in her New York studio!   An edition of two hundred pieces, order her now for $350!

Nancy Wiley’s newest fairytale is Little Red Riding Hood.  Every Little Red needs “The Wolf” to complete the story.

The wolf has faux fur, both on his head and neck as well as on his vest.  He has a textured coat with embroidered trim that is then hand painted.  His arms and head are wired to move.

All work completed by Nancy in her New York studio!   An edition of two hundred pieces, order The Wolf today for $350!

Interpreted from the story by the Brothers Grimm, the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood”is portrayed as a stage play with Nancy Wiley’s dolls and puppets as the characters.  Hand painted scenery and backdrops complete the photo illustrations.

A lifetime fan of fairy tales and a doll maker for over twenty years, Wiley is pleased to combine these two loves into a unique interpretation of the little girl in the red cape who meets a very hungry wolf.

32 pages, full color 8 1/2 x 11 hard cover with dust jacket.  Order today for $19.99!

What storybook character would you like to see next from Nancy?

Warmest wishes,

Ed at Happily Ever After”
1010 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA  19808

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